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Content Syndication

Content Syndication will save your time and cost by helping you connect with the right people through the right channel in a flash. With our content syndication we promise to deliver your content only for its rightful customer.

Content is the key to your target audience

VerIntent is the perfect place to fill the gap between what your brand produces and what customers want. As marketers, we think very message-focused, as we know what people need as content and provide our B2B clients with proven marketing services. We help you connect with the right people in the right place at the critical time as you search for the perfect solution to their business challenges. We focus on finding the things that are unique as they can capture customers’ attention.

Why does B2B need Content Syndication?

B2B content syndication is a crucial way to generate leads for many large companies. This allows you to expose your content to a wider audience that will help your business grow. We help you to reach your whitepapers, blogs, and videos to the target your audience by B2B content syndication. In this way, you can nurture campaigns that guarantee hike in your ROI.
With content syndication you will get additional visibility on your contents that can generate leads from genuine customers which will boost organic traffic. An additional advantage of content syndication is that it can be customized based on user data and provides an alternative to the traditional search results.

Increase Traffic Boost with Content Syndication

We take your best content and deliver it directly to an audience that is actively seeking information about your solution. We help you answer questions about creating relevant, informative and useful content so you can measure every click and conversion. VerIntent
delivers your branded content across online a networking channel which ensures that your
efforts are delivered safely with the right result.